President’s Report May 2014

GBAC President’s Report
May 2014

The Greater Brandon Arts Council reaches out to support all the Arts in the community.

  • We have “gatherings” each quarter in different locations featuring entertainment and get to know each other time.
  • The Arts Council participates in three events for children each year.  They are Winthrop Art Fest in March, Halloween Candy in October, and the Chalk Walk in November.
  • For adults we partner with Center Place and Brandon League of Fine Arts for Ballpark Bingo in June and the Gallery Hop in September.
  • We will be offering an Art Demonstration in August and hope to present a Meet the Authors in the Greater Brandon Area at a gathering in October.

The Greater Brandon Area is blessed with a variety of talent and the Art Council wishes to spread the word to members of our community.

Please be sure to join us for our annual “Arty Party” Membership Drive
Saturday May 10th, 2014 from 7pm to 10pm.

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Meletha Everett, President